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Relaxation Massage  “The Overhaul”   

Relieve the stress of your busy day with this relaxing restorative Swedish massage that uses long broad strokes, compressions, and kneading that focuses on relieving your pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. The goal is to provide a relaxing experience with very limited soreness after the massage. If you simply desire to rest, relieve stress and tension this type of massage may be for you. This session will leave you feeling pain free, happy, and refreshed.

60 min   $62.99

90 min   $92.99

120 min   $132.99

 Therapeutic Massage  “Tire Change” 

 This session is more focused and the therapist uses a combination of techniques depending on what your body needs. This session is good for those who are needing specific work done on specific areas and can include a wide array of  different techniques.  If you have specific areas that need attention this massage is for you.

60 min   $70.00

90 min   $100.00

120 min   $140.00

Deep Tissue Massage  “Freight Shaker” 

This session focuses on the deeper layers of tissue and muscle. If you have chronically tight muscles, repetitive strains, or postural problems this session may be beneficial for you. This massage uses slow strokes and deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and to restore flexibility. This massage is generally slower than Swedish massage and often times will include trigger point therapy. This massage session may also leave your muscles sore for 1 to 2 days. If you like a deeper pressure and more vigorous massage, this session is for you!

60 min   $75.00

90 min   $125.00

120 min   $185.00


A treatment based on theory that the entire body is mapped out with association points on the feet. This session is entirely foot focused and includes a delightful foot scrub and the use of reflexology tools.  This session can release blockages and restore a healthy balance to the body.

60 min  $75.00

Synergy Stone Massage  “Jump Start”   

Synergy stone massage is a powerful massage technique that involves heated synergy stones for therapeutic purposes. The Heat-Wave massage stone works to give gentle to deeper massage anywhere you need it. This stone session is for those who like deeper and focused work.

60 min   $70.00

90 min   $100.00

120 min   $140.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a powerful massage technique that involves heated stones to enhance circulation, and relieve stress and tension from the body. By  combining hot stone with massage therapy, as with a regular hot stone; in combination with aromatherapy, there is a powerful, synergistic opportunity for extremely deep relaxation and healing.

Seasonal Service – Not offered at this time

Cold Stone Therapy For Migraine Relief and Prevention

This treatment uses Migraine Miracle®, a natural and holistic method to manage migraines and headache pain of all kinds. The treatment incorporates targeted headache release points, unique aromatherapy blends to counteract common migraine triggers, and specially designed cold stones to reduce inflammation, all of which work together to diminish headache pain and other migraine symptoms. Cold stone therapy can help lessen the severity of a migraine, and regular treatments has been reported to help alleviate the onset of future migraines. Migraine Miracle® was created by Kelly Lott, LMT, MTI, NCBTMB, CIMI.

Please click here to learn more about Migraine Miracle®

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