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“The Overhaul”   Relaxation Massage

Relieve the stress of your busy day with this relaxing restorative Swedish massage that uses long broad strokes, compressions, and kneading that focuses on relieving your pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. The goal is to provide a relaxing experience with very limited soreness after the massage. If you simply desire to rest, relieve stress and tension this type of massage may be for you. This session will leave you feeling pain free, happy, and refreshed.

60 min   $62.99

90 min   $92.99

120 min   $132.99

“Tire Change”  Therapeutic Massage

 This session is more focused and the therapist uses a combination of techniques depending on what your body needs. This session is good for those who are needing specific work done on specific areas and can include a wide array of  different techniques.  If you have specific areas that need attention this massage is for you.

60 min   $70.00

90 min   $100.00

120 min   $140.00

“Freight Shaker”  Deep Tissue Massage

This session focuses on the deeper layers of tissue and muscle. If you have chronically tight muscles, repetitive strains, or postural problems this session may be beneficial for you. This massage uses slow strokes and deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and to restore flexibility. This massage is generally slower than Swedish massage and often times will include trigger point therapy. This massage session may also leave your muscles sore for 1 to 2 days. If you like a deeper pressure and more vigorous massage, this session is for you!

60 min   $75.00

90 min   $125.00

120 min   $185.00

“Jump Start”  Synergy Stone Massage

Synergy stone massage is a powerful massage technique that involves heated synergy stones for therapeutic purposes. The Heat-Wave massage stone works to give gentle to deeper massage anywhere you need it. This stone session is for those who like deeper and focused work.

60 min   $70.00

90 min   $100.00

120 min   $140.00

“Brake Check”  Stretch & Restore Massage

This session includes our relaxation massage session with passive and active stretching techniques to enhance your relaxation and to eliminate stress and tension that is stored in your joints and tissues. Great for anyone who likes to enhance their relaxation massage and who would like greater mobility. According to the American Council on Exercise, stretching provides many physical and mental benefits such as providing a sense of relaxation, easing muscle tension, and reducing the chance of injury.

90 min     $105.00

“Deuce Coupe”  Couples Massage 

Our couples massage is a wonderful way to wind down and relax with a person of your choosing. We offer a calm and restful space where your massages are done in the same room at the same time.

60 min  $125.00     SPECIAL $105.00     Save $20.00

90 min  $185.00     SPECIAL $145.00     Save $40.00

120 min $245.00    SPECIAL $185.00    Save $40.00

“Four-Wheel Drive”  Four-Handed Massage 

Our four-handed massage will take you on the ultimate mental vacation while melting away your muscle tension. All of your body’s senses will be stimulated at once while two therapists massage you at the same time. This session goes beyond indulgence and can completely relax your nervous system, induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation, increase your flexibility and circulation, less anxiety, and a give you a feeling of complete calm.

60 min    $150.00       SPECIAL $125.00     Save $25.00

90 min    $225.00

120 min  $300.00

“Scenic Overlook”  Face Toning Massage

Indulge yourself in this vigorous and stimulating hydrotherapy face toning massage treatment which includes a series of massage strokes that affect your facial muscles, along with tightening and toning your neck and upper chest. This session includes all natural Orange Blossom Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, Facial Massage Cream, Sugar Smoothie Body Cream, and Facial Detox Aromatherapy. Your session will be enhanced with warm moist towels for your face and your feet along with neck, arms, hands, legs, and foot massage. This session will enhance your mood and give your face enhanced muscle tone and noticeable improvements in skin color, skin tone, and overall skin health. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to nourish and lift your face muscles and has also helped clients with Bells Palsy, strokes, and facial nerve damage. Clients will see a tonal difference in their skin and muscles after the very first treatment.

90 min    $145.00

Cold Stone Therapy For Migraine Relief and Prevention

This treatment uses Migraine Miracle®, a natural and holistic method to manage migraines and headache pain of all kinds. The treatment incorporates targeted headache release points, unique aromatherapy blends to counteract common migraine triggers, and specially designed cold stones to reduce inflammation, all of which work together to diminish headache pain and other migraine symptoms. Cold stone therapy can help lessen the severity of a migraine, and regular treatments has been reported to help alleviate the onset of future migraines. Migraine Miracle® was created by Kelly Lott, LMT, MTI, NCBTMB, CIMI.

Please click here to learn more about Migraine Miracle®

Our Ancient Elements Menu

Founded by Lacey, Ancient Element’s mission is to utilize and promote simple, natural, ancient, and holistic tools to provide services for maintaining good health, overall wellness,  pain management, and bringing restoration to the mind and body.

 Aromatic Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage utilizes basic Swedish massage strokes, such as effleurage, petrissage, friction, percussion, and range-of-motion. The goal is to provide a relaxing experience with very limited soreness after the massage. If you simply desire to rest, calm your mind and spirits, relieve stress, tension and hypertonic muscles then this type of massage may be for you. This service goes even further into assisting you with complete relaxation by providing an essential oil that will create a relaxing effect on the muscular system itself, as well as work to calm the peripheral nervous system.

60 min $65.00

75 min  $80.00

90 min  $95.00

Aromatic Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage is also effective at relieving stress and tension, however, it usually focuses on a specific injury or complaint, and uses many different techniques. These techniques may include deep tissue massage, trigger point work, acupressure, stretching, range-of-motion, cross fiber friction, and Swedish techniques. Including the benefits of aromatherapy in a therapeutic massage, and selecting a blend that is known for it’s analgesic or inflammatory properties, can further assist in localize areas or specific muscles that are painful, sore, tight, or swollen. 

60 min   $70.00

75 min   $85.00

90 min   $100.00

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a powerful massage technique that involves heated stones to enhance circulation, and relieve stress and tension from the body. By  combining hot stone with massage therapy, as with a regular hot stone; in combination with aromatherapy, there is a powerful, synergistic opportunity for extremely deep relaxation and healing.

90 min  $135.00

Aromatic Pampering Pre-Natal Massage

We believe that pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life and we feel honored to provide a restorative massage for any special mother-to-be. Pregnant mothers are often times uncomfortable in their everyday life and it’s our goal to bring you back to comfort. Our massage can relieve your back pain, decrease your anxiety, improve your sleep, increase your circulation, and give you an overall sense of wellbeing which can also help baby to be healthier and stress free.

60 min   $70.00

75 min   $85.00

90 min    $100.00

Reflexology Session

A treatment based on theory that the entire body is mapped out with association points on the feet. This session is entirely foot focused and includes a delightful foot soak and foot scrub, the use of reflexology tools, and the option of toe stones. This session can release blockages and restore a healthy balance to the body.

60 min   $75.00

Thai Massage

In Thai Massage you remain fully clothed and remain either on the massage table or on a Thai floor mat (depending on any conditions you may have). Thai massage may include the use of accupressure, tapping (tapotement), palm, thumb, fist, elbow, and foot compression techniques, and stretching.

60 min   $75.00

Chakra Card Reading & Energy Session

During this session the practitioner will guide you through a card reading that will allow you to gain insight on each of your seven chakras, and advise you how you can restore and nourish each one. Energy is then channeled by laying-of-the-hands technique and the use of crystals that are placed on and around your body’s chakra points. This session will restore your body’s vital energy, bring you into a deep relaxation, destroy energy blockages, cleanse, and increase the vibrational frequency of your body which will enhance your body’s own natural healing abilities.

90 min   $135.00

Ancient Element Infusions

Sinus Relief

$10.00 Add-On

A blend of lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary is placed in a bowl of steaming water under the headrest.  A towel is placed over the scalp while the client is face down to get the full inhalation benefit of the oils.  Massage and acupressure/reflex point therapy (specific to the sinuses) is then performed on the face and feet to assist in fluid drainage and to reduce inflammation.

Seasonal Hand or Foot Scrub

$10.00 Add-On

Scrubs are used to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize the skin. Ancient Element’s ingredients for scrubs are chosen in harmony with nature and of the season. FALL SCRUB sunflower carrier oil with brown sugar and organic Madagascar vanilla.

Warm Ginger Compress

$10.00 Add-On

A heated, wet towel infused with ginger essential oil that is placed and compressed onto achy, tight, and painful joints and muscles.  Great for abdominal and menstrual pains, low back and hip pain, neck and shoulder pains, and headaches.

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