About RESTORE The Massage Body Shop

Pain Relief, Stress Relief, And The Prevention Of Migraine Headaches

RESTORE The Massage Body Shop offers clients a very unique and stress free experience. We believe that everyone benefits when they take the time to disconnect, be calm, rest, and unwind. As soon as you walk in our doors you begin to unravel from your day and begin your journey to calmness. Your time will begin by meeting with a Licensed Professional in order to discuss and achieve your goals. Our rooms are set up to give you the space you need to leave your world at the door. RESTORE is a private, by appointment only practice, so booking ahead is recommended to ensure availability. Each session is unique to the client, and achieving our client’s goals is our number one priority.

  • We offer convenient online booking so that you can look through our availability when it’s most convenient for you.
  • We offer expert care so that you are sure your health is in the right hands.
  • We offer sessions that are customized so that you are comfortable during your session and you leave without discomfort and pain.
  • We offer a rush-free experience so that you can take your time unwinding from your daily stress.
  • We offer a simple menu so that you don’t get discouraged in picking a service.
  • We take several forms of payment so that you don’t have to plan ahead to pay for your service.


Forms Of Payment Accepted:

Credit, Debit, HSA, Flex Savings, Cash, & Checks


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Shari is a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State of Ohio Medical Board and a Certified  Migraine Miracle® Practitioner. Her journey of being a healer came from her love of helping others take time for themselves. Yin (restorative) Massage is her focus during every session and she creates an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed. Her clients come to her due to high stress, anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, and migraines. She offers 60, 90, and 2 hour massage sessions, face toning sugar smoothie massage, and cold stone therapy for the relief and prevention of migraines. She is continuously learning and enjoys business coaching, reading, music, waterfalls, and spending time with her husband, children, and dogs.








Lacey is a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State Of Ohio Medical Board and Reiki Master. Her mission is to offer ancient and holistic modalities to promote mind and body restoration, well being, and pain management using simple and natural tools. Lacey’s clients really enjoy her approach to healing. She offers 60 & 90 minute massage sessions, Reflexology sessions, and energy healing which all include her own personal touch. Lacey has a love for Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, aromatherapy, gardening, and time with her family.








Heather is a Licensed Massage Therapist with State of Ohio Medical Board and specializes in medical and therapeutic massage. She enjoys focusing on pain management with her clients and is driven by the love to make her clients everyday quality of life less painful and less stressful.  She has the willingness to learn and strives to always do better for herself and her clients. She offers 60 minute, 90 minute, and 2 hour massage. She loves spending time with her niece’s and her dog.



What Our Clients Are Saying


“What an experience! The 90 minute massage was wonderful. Every tight muscle was relaxed and every short, shallow breath became long and deep. If you need rejuvenated  I highly suggest the 90 minute massage. I know what’s going to be on my birthday and Christmas lists.”
– V.S

“Took care of entire body. Lacey has a gift and is using it!” – F.P

“I have had massages for many years and Shari is the best” – D.C

“Lacey is wonderful. Paid attention to every part that was hurting – amazing. She has a magical touch. Very warm. inclusive, and understanding. Felt as being touched by pure positive energy.” – C.H

“What a terrific, relaxing way to end the first week of school!!” – S.R

“Just finished an hour massage with Shari. She definitely works on the problem areas and helped the muscles release. Have already scheduled to return next week. I highly recommend Restore! You will be pleased and completely relaxed.” – S.W.

“Fantastic, relaxing, and professional!! Clean and original decor.  Will be returning frequently!” – M.S

“Lacey has the hands on an angel!” – K.M

I’ve been to many massage places over the years and this ranks as one of the best!!! Shari did an AMAZING job working out my kinks and melting away my never ending headache!!! What a beautiful relaxing environment!!!! So impressed!!!! Will definitely be returning!!!” – H.P

“I had such a great massage! It was relaxing, and she made sure to ask where I was the most tense, and worked especially on those areas. She also made sure that I was comfortable. I am definitely going back!” – D.K.

“Shari is skilled and if u think massages don’t have any medical value I challenge you. Since I’ve started massage therapy I’m not suffering from migraines on a regular basis anymore”. – H.H

“Shari is awesome. Go see her.” – J.S

“My experience has been wonderful!  The chair massage I had was condensed because I was in a hurry and Shari was very accommodating.  I was able to get a great massage in a short amount of time!  I’m looking forward to getting the full experience and I expect I’ll be a regular customer!” – L.P

“Restore will definitely be a staple business in Xenia. I had a great experience, and really love what Restore stands for.  Keep up the great work Restore!”

– S.P

“Just came from the open house and Restore is very cool. If you’re looking for a top notch massage facility check them out. Xenia is blessed to have you here.”   – L.W

“I went to Restore The Massage Body Shop on Sunday May 29th, 2016. The place was very warm, welcoming and very clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful when deciding what I was looking for in a massage. My massage therapist was Shari. She was very friendly, and helped me pick out what oil would be the best to help me relax. The office was very nice and smelled very relaxing. The massage was wonderful. Shari was very professional in every area. They are very professional and very understanding with everything. I enjoyed my massage so much, it helped me relax and felt wonderful. I would recommend this place to anyone. They are the best place I have been to that makes you feel comfortable about everything.”  – H.C